Villagers Demand to be Baptized

Our ministry partners, Here’s Life Africa, report another amazing testimony after using 40 Days with Jesus to disciple villagers in Uganda: “In a village called Kyobusinge (Uganda), we discipled villagers with the 40 Days with Jesus video clips. Many people had come. They say the baptism of Jesus Christ. This moved them so much that they demanded to be baptized. So we went to the river and baptized them right then! It was wonderful!”


(Above, left to right: Country of Uganda, Here’s Life Africa logo, Flag of Uganda.)


(One new believer is baptized; many more wait their turn.)

Have you seen Day 3: Jesus’ Baptism?


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(Above, left to right: Jesus’ Baptism, 40 Days with Jesus: Day 3, based on Luke 3:1-23.)

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