MentorLink Training in Nairobi, Kenya

In early 2015, MentorLink International Board Member Bill Mann and Chairman of the Board, Dr. Stacy Rinehart, traveled to Nairobi, Kenya, to conduct Passing it On! training with Lifeway Mission International, a large church planting network focused on reaching unreached people groups – with a strong focus on those from Muslim backgrounds. 

Lifeway is now in 10 countries in East Africa. Their training center, a simple cinderblock building in Nairobi, is their platform for training leaders, who then return to their homes to train others.

(Above left: Stacy leading a training session. Above center: Lifeway Mission International logo. Above right: Kenyan leader/trainers discussing the Good Samaritan.)

Over the course of several days, over two dozen Lifeway International leader/trainers attended this training workshop that focused on servant leadership, discipleship and mentoring, and incorporated aspects of MentorLink’s Passing it On!Leader’s CovenantTransformational Values and Days with Jesus resources.

It was a significant time for all involved, as Rinehart and Mann were able to share with the Kenyan leaders more facets on leading like Jesus and then mentoring others to do the same. Similarly, the Kenyan leaders were able to share their strategy for church planting and discipleship, which has yielded over 4,500 churches in the past 30 years.

(Above left: The training closed with a meaningful footwashing ceremony. Above right: Bill washes the feet of one of the Kenyan leader/trainers.)

Vibrant worship, intense teaching, hands-on application of the material taught, corporate prayer and the study of God’s Word characterized this training held in February. The fourth day and final day of training ended with a foot washing ceremony, as all were encouraged to serve one another, as Jesus did.

Mann shared, “At the end of the training on Thursday [a lady] tugged at my elbow and said, “I have a question for you: When are you coming back?”

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