Passing it On!

Feedback from Cameroon:

“The four people (one pastor, one elder and a couple) who attended the mentoring workshop we facilitated in July have decided to pass it on to others. They gathered young leaders of various groups (men, women, youth, etc.) of their own church and other denominations as well.

I was so thrilled to see that less than a month after our training God is using these four servants of God to expose their younger brothers and sisters to the mentoring principles laid down by MentorLink for a new generation of leaders. It is amazing seeing how these young leaders are challenged to become a generation that will ultimately come back to Jesus’ principles after more than half a century in our country where most leaders were and still are abandoning them. A new dawn is coming in our country.

These facilitators of this Pass It On! seminar are doing it with the little means that they have using a blackboard and a chalk to Pass It On! No video, no book, no big material. Only a board, a chalk and the Bible, and God is moving mightily!

Please pray that initiatives like this will increase here with those who have attended our Pass It On! seminar . Pray also for me as I am introduced to more people time and again that God will give me time and commitment to mentor those who are asking me to mentor them.”

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