More Stories from the Field

  • DWJ: French – West Africa (Senegal)
    The youth between [ages] 17 and 2- are interested. It is easy and it is short, good for devotion. They share the films with other friends.
  • DWJ: French
    “First encounter with the life of Jesus. This training brought me closer to Him.”

    “He set me free and I took the decision to get baptized.”

  • DWJ: French – West Africa (Togo)
    “More than 35 people from different French-speaking [countries] in West Africa were present. I picked the opportunity to include Days with Jesus in the program…we worked through 5 days every evening until we covered all 40 days. At the evaluation after the conference, Days with Jesus was one of the best subjects that touches people the most. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve the Lord’s Kingdom.”
  • DWJ: Swahili, Acholi, Chichewa (Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda)
    “In the last 6 months, an estimated 300 villages started new weekly groups using 40 Days with Jesus as curriculum. At least 3,600 people were discipled each week!”