Stories from the Field

See and hear how God is doing a new thing, touching lives and expanding His Kingdom.

MLI – A New Thing from MentorLink International on Vimeo.

  • INDIA – October 2013
    I love what you have done with 40 days with Jesus videos. I am going through that with my family, especially with my children. Looking forward to finish it. I have also connected to passing it on and the global mentoring project. Looking forward to learn. Thank you for your ministry.
  • AFRICA – September 2013
    Last month I learned of an interesting use of Days with Jesus through Here’s Life Africa in Uganda. One of our team members named Job, told me how some of the villages he visited last year are continuing to use Days with Jesus a year later…I am very happy to hear that some villages are still meeting weekly a whole year after our team visited them. 

    I was thrilled to hear that the reference chart you made is in fact being used in the field to conduct weekly Bible study groups!   They are asking a person who knows how to read, to read the applicable bible passage, then as a group, they work through the questions. I bet you didn’t think that reference chart would be the curriculum for some African village Bible study leaders!

    Praise the Lord! God’s word will not return void when it goes forth….!
  • CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (USA) – February 2013
    We are using the mentoring material. As a result of this mentoring process God is multiplying more pastors, planters and next level leaders.
  • DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – August 2013
    We praise God for the work that was accomplished and what we have learned as we have begun using this MentorLink material…Thank you for the development of the material and making it available to us so that we might help pastors around the world. Your prayers will be greatly appreciated as we continue to move forward using the materials in Africa in October and wherever God sends us beyond this year.