Report from Timothy in Nigeria

I just want to briefly share with you some of the outstanding things the Lord did for us during the recent Mentoring Conference in Jos, Nigeria.

We have 120 younger leaders who participated in the conference.

I had the privilege of having 120 of my Trainee Mentors who co-led the entire conference mentoring process with me. We had three main mentoring session daily.

We focused on four principal areas which form the broad division of our theme:

  • Becoming Jesus Freak by Choice
  • Remaining Jesus Freak for Life
  • Freak on Assignment
  • Freak with a Mandate.

The entire conference was built on these. Many young leaders are being pressured to lower their passion and commitment to the Lord and several are pushed to live a compartmentalized lives. Jesus for certain part of their lives and none of Him in some other areas.

God’s provision came in for the conference, even though we found it tough to provide enough funds to provide food and shelter for everyone. John Piper’s book, Completing the Affliction of Christ, was our conference book and everyone got a gift copy.

Please thank God for His presence at this gathering.

Praise him for the dozens of mentors who came to join hand with me to serve these younger ones.

Pray that the fruit of the meeting will abide, that these younger folks will be crazy for Jesus everywhere they go.

Please pray that some of those who promised to assist the conference financially will honor their promise; that we may clear all the outstanding bills of running the conference.

Till Christ be formed in All

Timothy O.