The Leadership Shortage

A real need that is growing exponentially…

Focused and fruitful church-planting strategies of the past decade have yielded an exponentially growing flock. These lambs need to be fed and tended as the Great Shepherd instructed. How can under-shepherds who have the heart of the Good Shepherd be grown? From the inside-out. We have seen a character-transformation model passed on in caring mentoring relationships foster the heart of Jesus in pastors. They live and lead like Jesus and catch the vision to multiply leaders in the way that Jesus did.

At MentorLink we are committed to a leadership process that includes:

  • Character Development and Life Transformation
  • Guidance in forming partnerships to further leadership development movements
  • High tech, high touch follow-up in establishing leadership communities

God has called us to partner with Him in the frontiers of ministry for the coming decades. We invite you to join us!