Helping Them to “Get There”

The Lord continues to open incredible doors of opportunity to MentorLink. All over world, we are finding pastors and leaders that are tired of old structures and values of leadership that reflect the culture more than they reflect the life and leadership of Christ. They desire a “re-set” in order to align themselves more closely with the Jesus-way of leadership.
In Latin America, for example, we can hardly keep pace with the open doors that the Lord is presenting to us. Pedro Hernandez, our Latin America coordinator, reports that recent training events in Guatemala have awakened a desire for more training that is being scheduled for early next year. This year, Peru (July) and Nicaragua (August) will be launched. Follow up trainings in Honduras (September) and Ecuador (possibly November) are forthcoming. An invitation has just come in from Panama.
The “Get There” Fund was established to help fund the transportation costs of our ministry partners, enabling them to get to those places where they are invited to give mentor training. God has used this fund to sow the vision of Christlike leadership in various nations of the world.
Here’s one example of immediate need. Pedro and Manuel have been invited to Nicaragua for training. They have been asked to take their wives with them, Mabel and Patricia. The round trip airfare from Colombia is around $1000 each. Could you help to ensure that both couples would be able to make this trip? Mabel and Patricia will be focused on ministering to pastors’ wives who carry huge roles of responsibility in their churches. We have been praying for God to open more doors to develop women mentors. Your partnership will help us take a significant step forward in this vision.
Please pray for these two couples as they plan to go to Nicaragua, the first week of August. Your gift to the “Get There” fund will help make that possible, as well as aiding other partners in other continents as they extend the vision of biblical mentor-based leadership development. You can donate online or by designating your check made out to MentorLink International to “Get There Fund,” and sending it to:
Administrative Office
MentorLink International
731 Chapel Hills Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920